Math is Everywhere!

Use Microsoft Word or other software to create a mini 8 in. x 11 1/2 in. (Standard Paper Size) color poster showing how math is related to anything you are passionate about. The poster should consist of the following:

1) Title
2) Approximately half the poster should consist of text, single spaced and max font size 12
3) Approximately half of the poster should consist of pictures, diagrams, and/or charts. You do not have to draw the visual components yourself. You can pull them from the internet.

Take pride in your work!

If you are having any difficulties structuring the poster the way you want it, let Mr. H know and he will help you. 

Look at the Famous Mathematicians project to get an idea of what you poster should look like. If you can not see them on your iPad it is because of the school firewall security system. Check on your phone with Mr. H’s permission or on your computer at home.


based on one of the contributors to humanity below. To prevent many students from creating a poster about the same person, there is a sign-up sheet. Up to three people can do their poster on the same person. The poster should be completely full with approximately half text, single spaced and max size 12, and half diagrams. Include a short biography of the person, their picture, examples of their work, and any other information or visuals that highlight their contributions. The pictures should not be random and there shouldn't be any big blank spots. If needed, indicate what the picture is. Don't try any clever tricks such as narrowing the margins. If anything, you should be widening the margins. If a whole book can be written about a person, you can most surely fill a page. Take the time to create a quality piece of work. Have fun with the project! Check out the great examples of past student work below. Think of ways you can make yours as good or better. 

Note: Ask for permission if not using one of the contributors from the list below. 

Create a google slideshow about how math is applied to any topic of your own interest. You will have to present the slideshow to the class. The project is to be done individually. A sign up sheet will be available to reserve a specific day to present.

Step 1: Pick a topic you are passionate about
Step 2: Create a slideshow demonstrating how math can be applied to your topic
Step 3: Have Mr. H review and approve your slideshow
Step 4: Present your slideshow to the class

Grading Rubric

Public speaking can be a very uncomfortable experience for many, but only through persistence will the uncomfortable eventually become comfortable. Don't let a fear plague you for the rest of your life. Mr. H will help you if needed. Mr. H can look over you slides and provide feedback to enhance your slides and content. You can practice your presentation after school in Mr. H's class. Everything is easier when you simply ask for help.

Great Example 1   Daniel Lua did an exceptional job with this project. He used the slides simply as a springboard for his descriptions of the many ways in which math can be applied to soccer. His audience was captivated during his presentation.

Great Example 2   Valery Chan did an exceptional job with this project. Valery captivated her audience by demonstrating the many ways in which math can be found throughout nature and more.