Success Plan

Materials Needed: Line paper and pencil

The new school year is approaching. What will you do to ensure that you have a productive and successful year, academically and socially?With all the distractions (Netflix, YouTube, SnapChat, Video Games, texting, etc.) teenagers now have, time-management is more important than it has ever been. What will you do to limit the use of these distractors to prevent them from derailing your future plans. There is a place for technology, but often teenagers have a difficult time understanding what a healthy balance is. Often teenagers will wait for things to get difficult before they try changing. How can you be proactive to ensure that you don’t squander all the great opportunities you will be provided with in this next school year? Joining some clubs and playing a sport is great for your physical and social well-being. Some students have 3 AP classes, are leaders of clubs, have a job after school to help their family with finances, and manage to do everything successfully. Other students aren’t involved in much, they are continuously late to class, they don’t turn in assignments, and they perform poorly on tests because they “couldn’t find the time” to study. Now for some, there are certain life circumstances that make it difficult for them to do everything they would like to do. What do you have control of though? Are you being responsible? It’s so easy to point the finger and blame others when things aren’t going as well as we would like. Looking within, reflecting, and identifying bad habits, is how long-lasting positive changes can take place. Things will happen in life that you will have no control over, but this is about what you do have control over. This is your life. Each day there are so many different choices you choose to make. What will you do to ensure that you make the best choices? You have a great contribution to make to this world. What will you do to make the best of life and your education? Answer all of the previous questions and lay out a time-management plan to ensure that you are able to get all the important tasks that you need to get done each day done. Now start thinking and start writing. Don’t ask how much. This is for you and your life. Take it seriously.

Jenni suggests to do the following:

Limit technology use by:

  • using iPhone’s Screen time options such as scheduling downtime, app limits, etc.

  • delete unnecessary apps (games, Netflix, etc)

  • keep active at most one social media account at a time during the school year

  • change messaging notification settings on phones

  • put phone on Do Not Disturb option during classes and while you’re doing homework/studying

  • Pick up a good hobby

    • Learn an instrument or a new language

      • practice in between study/homework sessions to help relieve stress