Reminder: Out of consideration for those in the classroom who are chemically sensitive, please refrain from using any manmade products in the classroom. Thank you!

1) Due to time constraints, you do NOT have to read all of the text to the dietary guidelines. Take notes on the diagrams, statistics, graphs, tables, and any information you find useful. There are graphs in the document that we have not covered in the class. If you need anything to be explained, please make sure to ask. We will have a class discussion on the material in the near future.

United States Dietary Guidelines

2) Take Notes on the statistics on the first link below. Analyze and take notes on page 10 of the second link.

Center of Disease Control - Death and Mortality Statistics

Death: Leading Causes for 2014







Probability and Card Games

13 Rules

8) Blackjack
     Read the rules from the link below. Take down notes the basic rules of the game and any strategies of interest. After you are done with  
     the notes, have Mr. check them. Only once your notes have been approved, can you begin playing Blackjack with your table members.

     Blackjack Rules

















Double Blind Studies

The Placebo Effect