Life’s a dance, you learn as you go.
— John Michael Montgomery

End of Year Reflection

The purpose of this assignment is for you to reflect on your own habits, good and bad, not to go on a rant, make excuses, and point your finger at everything and everyone else besides yourself. Those who look within to solve their problems and take responsibility for their own actions are the ones who grow and move forward in life.

Write a reflection on your experience in this class. It MUST be at least 1 full page, font size 12, and single spaced. Answers to the following questions should be found in the reflection.
Did you ask for help when you needed it?
Did you read the book and/or do google searches to understand the content in greater depth?
Did you do all of your assignments on time?
Did you simply try remembering procedures or did you put forth the effort to understand concepts in depth and make connections?
What habits do you believe have served you well in your learning?
What bad habits do you have and what will you do to correct them?
How have you grown as a self-learner? In other words, students can only learn when they have a desire to learn. If you want to master something, no one can plant the knowledge in your head. You must take the initiative to put forth the time and effort to think critically, ask questions, and research on your own.
How can you become a better self-learner?
What did you learn from the content and projects in this class?
What life lessons did you learn in this class?
What has your experience with your peers been like in this class?
What impact do you believe the no cell phone policy has had on your level of productivity in the class?
America is not a perfect country, but it is certainly a better place to be than many other places in the world. In the future, what will you do to ensure that you don’t squander all the opportunities this great country has provided you with?