In order to obtain a college degree, their is a certain level of math proficiency you must have. Before you enter any college, you will have to take a math placement exam to determine proper math class placement. Many students in high school do the bare minimum to get by because they think that they won't have to take any more math classes in college, but just like high school, there is a minimum math requirement that needs to be met, even for degrees that seem like they have absolutely nothing to do with math. Math can be the greatest barrier for some students. Put in the effort to develop basic math proficiency now, and you'll save yourself a big headache down the road. The harder you work now, the easier things will be later.  The ones who have algebra and geometry dialed in, have a much easier time pursuing their education ambitions. Utilize the content from the link below to develop a good idea of what level of math you are expected to know.

PCC Math Placement Exam Prep