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First Complete Google Form:

Materials Needed: Template, Pencil, Ruler, Color Pencils


By simply drawing a sequence of lines in a particular way, you can create a beautiful curved design. The possibilities are endless. You are not required to use the templates provided. Feel free to make your own. The more creative you can be the better. Make sure to fulfill the criteria listed below. Take pride in your work and have fun with it. Do NOT use markers. Sharpies are never allowed.


To expose you to one of the many ways in which math and art are beautifully connected.  

Watch the following two videos to develop an an understanding of the underlying concept:

Triangle Circle


      Triangle       Square        Pentagon 1       Pentagon 2       Hexagon 1       Hexagon 2       Octagon       Circle

Grading Criteria:

1. Correct Application of Line Design Concepts 

2. Attention to Detail

3. Creativity

4. Effort