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Crop Circles: The Art of Circle Design

Materials Needed: Headphones, compass, ruler, white paper, pencil, and color pencils. Note: Do not use permanent markers.

Who is making crop circles? What do they mean? How is it possible to make such design on such a large scale?

Step 1: Watch the How Crop Circles Are Made video. Everyone should be doing this the first 5 minutes of the activity and nothing else.

Step 2: Choose from Design #’s 1-4. Find the center of your paper. Draw the design and color it. Circle Design Worksheet PDF

Helpful Tips: To find the center of the paper, mark the midpoint of both sides of the paper and use your ruler to find
where the perpendicular lines that pass through the midpoints intersect. The radius of the circle is the
distance between the points of the compass.

Step 3: Choose from Designs #’s 5-8. Find the center of your paper. Draw the design and color it.
Note: If you finish early you can make you own design.

APOLOGY: For those who watched the 12 minute long video, I am sorry that I posted the wrong link. The following video is the correct link based on a National Geographic show.

Have fun!