CAASPP (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress)

Student Questions:
1. Will my CAASPP score impact my math grade?  No
2. Will my CAASPP score be put on my high school transcripts? No, but it may happen in the future.
3. If the CAASPP doesn't count, then why I am doing it? The data from the CAASPP informs teachers of how to improve their instruction. In the future, CAASPP scores will contribute to how the school is ranked within the state and it may be used in the application process for colleges.

1. Click the link: CAASPP Mathematics Practice and click on "Student Interface Practice and Training Tests"
2. Don't worry about entering any information. Click "Sign In"
3. For "Grade", select "High School" and click "Yes."
4. Click "Start High School Math Practice Test"
5. Go to the bottom and click "Select"
6. Go to the bottom again and click "Select"
7. Do the sound check
8. Click "Begin Test Now"
9. Go through as many problems of the test as you can to get familiar with the testing format. You do not have to worry about getting the problems right. If you have any questions about the test format please make sure to ask.