Buying A Car Project

Purpose: To understand how a salesperson works, so you don't get worked.

With your table members, you will act out the experience of purchasing a car. Each table is assigned a unique scenario. For some scenarios the buyer benefits the most and the salesperson for others. One table member should be the cars salesman, one the dealership manager, and the rest can be a couple and/or family. Create a google slideshow to assist you with your acting. You can have different cars on your slides to make it seem as if you are walking through a dealership lot. You can have a group of four chairs oriented so it seems like you are sitting in a car for a test drive. You can have a picture of the dealers office where the paperwork will be done. You can sit around a table to act out the paperwork scene. Get creative and have fun!

The slideshow should be very simple. You only need to have a couple pictures of cars, their interior, and the dealership office. A majority of your time should be devoted to planning out the dialogue that will take place between all the people involved. Utilize the resources below to get a better idea of the tactics that can be used to the benefit of the dealer and those by used to the benefit the buyer.


Determine group member roles
2. Build a slideshow
3. Create the dialogue
4. Practice presenting/acting
5. It's showtime!

Important Questions:
1. What kind of discount do you get when you pay for the car upfront in cash?
2. How does your credit impact the loan rate you get?
3. What is a credit score and what impacts it?
4. What is the minimal down payment for a car? Do you get a discount if you pay more for your down payment?
5. What difference can adding all the extras have on the price of the car?
6. What is the price difference between buying new and used?
7. Why is the Kelly Bluebook important?
8. Why is knowing what type of fuel the car takes important?
9. What are the pros and cons between a gas fueled, hybrid, and an electric car?
10. Does the color impact the price of the car?

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