Make a Change Project

Determine something at the school you would like to change with your group. Examples include stopping plastic waste, allowing digital flashcards to be used, stopping the use of pesticides, or creating a school garden. There are so many options. Depending on the quality of your work, you may present it to a department, the administration, or the school district. This project is about creating a real positive change. The greater the effort, the greater the potential of making a change happen. Throughout history change has taken place by ordinary people who decided to take a stand and relentlessly pursue making their vision a reality. What will you need to do to convince those who have power to make change?

Basic Objectives to Complete:

1. Making Decisions  Pick what you want to change.

2. Data Collection   Start collecting data.

3. Money  What is the cost?

4. Communication   Talk to people.

5. Research   So much information is at your fingertips. Collect data through surveys. After educating others, how many support your goal.

6. Percentages   the fundamental skill of calculating percentages must be applied.

7. Statistics  Create tables, charts, and or graphs using the data you collect.

8. Collaboration  Create a google doc to compile the information you gather.

9. Public Speaking   Create a google slide for your presentation.

10. Team Member Roles  Assign tasks to group members.